Join us for Chris Wilson on Friday, February 24th,

Opening for Chris will be Judy Kass. 

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Chris Wilson –

A native of New York, Chris has gained celebrity status for his vocally driven songwriting and passionate live performances. His career brought him to Los Angeles, California for a brand new MTV show called “The Cut”. He became 1 of only 10 artists to win their way to the finals from a field of 160 competitors and over 10 thousand hopefuls from around the world. Chris went on to win MTV”s “Viewers Choice Award” for his performance in the finals. He has received honors across the globe, included winning “Best Male Vocalist” and “Best Overall Performance” at the World Championships of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California. Chris has performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people from New York to Hong Kong, done soundtrack work with Director Dennis Dugan (Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy) in Hollywood, California, and continues to maintain a busy global touring schedule. His powerful vocals set him apart from anyone in his genre today. His songwriting serves his voice perfectly with a blend of power and simplicity. Chris’s music is, simply put, honest and emotional.

Judy Kass –

“Blessed with a beautiful voice just this side of soprano, Kass easily touches listeners with her songs.” – Thomas Staudter, Hudson River Journal.  “Beyond the Ash and Steel.. a powerful recording from a brilliant songwriter and performer” – Ron Olesko, Sing Out.  “Judy Kass seamlessly blends touches of traditional folk, jazz, and blues with evocative, sensitive songwriting.” – Carter Smith, Common Ground Community Concerts.  

New York based singer-songwriter, Judy Kass, quickly draws in her audience with soulful vocals, no-nonsense lyrical storytelling and genre-bending exploration of guitar and piano. Her original music blends generous amounts of folk, jazz and blues with songs that cover the full gamut of mood and experience – ranging from whimsical musings of relationship challenges to her own personal journey of healing from post 9/11 trauma and the loss of numerous colleagues to the terror attacks.